This is our mission:
Telling others about our Savior

Jesus final words to his disciples before returning to heaven were this: "You will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, all Judea and Samaria, and to the end of the earth ​(Acts1:8)." He wanted his people to understand that they were now on a mission with him: to help the world come to salvation in Jesus Christ ('christ' means 'savior' by the way). As a follower of Jesus, that is your mission too. 

As we talked about in the Baptism step, it is important for us to obey his commands. Having said that, this is one of the greatest challenges for many Jesus followers. We are often unsure, or even afraid, of sharing the Gospel because of how others might respond to us - and so we avoid it.

There is something you should know though: Like everything God asks us to do, sharing the message of Jesus is not only great for those who hear and believe, but for growing your faith too! It pumps life into your faith. It reminds you why you follow him, and helps you overcome your fears. It allows you to see Jesus working all around you, and lets you participate in cool is that?!?! The bottom line is telling people about Jesus is your mission, and key to growing your faith.

Still Nervous?

That's normal. The Gospel is a big deal. Here are some common concerns:

Neither did the disciples! They only knew what Jesus told them, and that certainly wasn't everything (​Acts 1:7). If we wait until we 'know enough' about Jesus to do him justice, then we'll never be ready. Our job isn't to know all the answers, it's to tell others what do know. As we grow in your faith, the way we present the message of Jesus will change, and that's ok too. The important part is to tell the story of Jesus and his work in our lives OFTEN. That's what it means to 'be a witness'. 

You what? The Apostle Paul was admittedly a bad speaker (2 Cor 11:6), but that didn't stop him from traveling all over Asia talking about Jesus! Your job is to tell people about Jesus out of love for him and loving concern for them.  If you are concerned, ask Holy Spirit for help. He will not only guide your words, but their ears. Plant the seed, and let God do the rest (1 Cor 3:6-8).

We can't tell you this is easy, but we can say it's #worth. The important part is to remember that you are spreading the truth about Jesus because of the love he has for you and others.

Following Jesus changes the way we look at the world. The Gospel (that's the story of Jesus) isn't always easy to accept because it's different from the culture around us. It calls us to change how we think and feel about ourselves, and everything else. That's a tough thing for anyone to hear. Here's something else to keep in mind: If you offend someone when you tell them about Jesus, remember Jesus had the same problem (John 15:18).  He gets what you are going through.

Your job is to love Jesus and others enough to tell people about him, and let God work out the rest.

Nobody wants something forced on them. Presenting the message of Jesus should never be about controlling or dictating what someone believes. This is all about love. Loving someone means telling them the things they need to hear - sometimes whether they want to hear it or not. It is about loving them enough to give them the opportunity you have been given to find salvation.  It isn't about making anybody believe anything (we can't do that anyway).

If you are driven by love - caring deeply for someone's soul - rather than 'fixing' them, you won't push them any further away from Jesus than they already were. In fact, your expression of love might encourage them to find out more.